Modern Wedding FilmsWedding films through our eyes

modern wedding film

Of course, we also keep up with the times and we have cameras by which we can make real Full HD movies.
In case of these films it is also important to present your wedding, its romantic, emotional and cheerful moments through our eyes, in our special style, in maximum 10 minutes.

The ready films, as all of our films, are of 3 and 10 minutes, with pleasant music.

-Our wedding  film with music made by us, in our special view, with especial colours, feelings, emotions, moods.

-a 3 minute highlights film is delivered, then

-some weeks later a short film in maximum 10 minutes.

-Films are uploaded to a website that is protected by password and every film can be downloaded and shared from here.

-Downloadable iPhone version
Films can be ordered exclusively with Wedding Photography packages!!