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We are Esther & Gabe, a husband-and-wife duo.We are best friends, business partners and hopeless romantics, dreamers! We love to have fun and make people smile, and of course we love weddings and photography and our 2 babies!



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Wedding photography to preserve memories

We need reminders of our happiest and best moments

You can preserve memories in a special way during a wedding photo shoot. A wedding is a milestone event in everyone's life that should be captured in photos. As a child, these events include first steps, first day of school, first bike ride, first prom, and graduation. However, as an adult, two of the most significant milestones in our lives often occur: getting married and having children.

Ask most people what their most important photos are! They will probably say their wedding photos. Your wedding ceremony is a significant event and you want to remember it forever, which is why professional wedding photography is a must.

Wedding photography is an important point of a wedding. If it is not important for you to have perfectly captured memories of the big day, then you do not have to spend so much, as you can ask a friend or family member.

What's more, you can even give each guest a camera so that they can capture the big day for you. Sure, it could be fun, but we don't necessarily recommend it.

As a wedding photography couple ourselves, we can tell you that a lot of hard work goes into capturing the story and emotions of your wedding day that you will treasure forever.

Like any other profession, wedding photography requires a lot of hard work, dedication and skill. It's not as easy as you might think, and you can't just pick up a camera and do it. You only get married once in your lifetime, and wedding photography makes those intimate moments a lifetime memory. You can show the photos later to your children and grandchildren, who can keep these moments as a family heirloom.

In most cases, there is nothing left after the big day. The wedding dress goes back to the salon or stays in the attic, and the flowers wither. However, after the big day, you will want to keep as many souvenirs as you can to remind you of this beautiful, quickly passing day for weeks or even years to come.

When ten years from now you will look back at the touching moments captured during the wedding photography, tears will roll down your face as you see the smile on your father's face as he hands you over, tears in your mother's eyes as she watches you say your vows, and your husband when he sees the before the altar.

The pictures often tell everything about the relationship between two people and faithfully illustrate how much they love each other. A wedding photo is not a simple picture, but an eternal memory that will accompany you throughout your entire life.

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