Ada & Peter-Wedding In Norway


Professional wedding photography is an essential part of every wedding, as everything that happens on the wedding day must be captured. While items such as flowers, decor, and attire tend to wither or go into storage after the wedding day, wedding photos are items that remain for posterity long after the ceremony to remind you of every detail of your Big Day.

Now we will help you through the most important points through the photos of an intimate and at the same time fun Norwegian wedding, and of course we will also tell you a little story!

Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer instead of choosing a friend or an amateur to document your Big Day!

  1. A professional knows exactly what he is doing
    An experienced wedding photographer knows exactly what to do on your wedding day. You know when to arrive, what to wear, what key moments to look out for, and what looks good and what doesn't. Pros also know how to adapt to weather and changes in light conditions.

Ada and Peter wanted to take a few photos outdoors, but Norway is famous for its changeable weather, so before the wedding photo shoot we consulted with the couple and the service providers to make sure there was a plan B even if it rained!

Of course, in addition to the weather factors, there is also the general rule that an experienced wedding photographer gives you peace of mind knowing that your memories are captured by someone who knows what they are doing. This peace of mind allows you to focus 100% on your wedding and celebrate with the ones you love.

  1. Quality photos

You definitely want the best for yourself and your future spouse on the Big Day. A professional wedding photographer has put in hours of practice and study to develop the skills necessary for professional wedding photography. Hiring someone who has taken the time to hone their skills and develop their style will ensure that you get high quality images. Working with an experienced photographer gives you someone you can trust to guide you and help you get the wedding photos you want.

Remember: wedding photography is more than just a collection of images. These are important memories! We are here to make these memories appear through the photos in the form you imagined.

  1. Your wedding pictures last a lifetime

Your wedding pictures will last for decades, even generations. Your children, grandchildren and future generations will see these pictures in your family. That's all the more reason to hire a photographer who knows what they're doing so that your images stand the test of time. These photos not only last a lifetime, but also contain precious memories that you can easily recall at any time.

And the most beautiful moments always come spontaneously. Whether it's the ceremony or the speech - we are always ready for these moments. You never know what will come out of that particular situation. 🙂

  1. Less stress, more celebration

An experienced wedding photographer is in control of the wedding and knows the scenario. He will know to discuss the necessary elements with you during planning and arrive prepared for your wedding day. This way, you don't have to worry about your wedding photos, because your photographer has you covered and you can trust him to capture the best moments without having to constantly remind him throughout the day.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself, and we'll make sure that even in the middle of the biggest party, we catch a fun moment or two!

  1. Once in a while!

Your wedding day only happens once in your life, and many moments of this wonderful day cannot be repeated. Why not invest in the best you can get? You may have to compromise on other low-priority items in your wedding budget to make sure you leave with the best memories of your wedding. However, wedding photography is something that will be with you and stay with you when your wedding day is over.

  1. Reliability

Your wedding photographer must be responsible and do everything possible to be reliable and accurate. We're not there to socialize and party (although we do enjoy getting to know the couples and guests!), but we understand that our job is to get you the best wedding photos possible. You need someone who takes this responsibility seriously and strives to give you the best wedding photography experience possible.

  1. A professional knows what to expect

Your wedding photographer should know what critical moments to focus on and when. Hiring a professional photographer also means you can count on them to guide and instruct you on poses. Everyone wants to look good in their wedding photos. An experienced photographer will not hesitate to provide guidance and experience throughout the process.

Our goal is that you don't tense up while taking the joint family photo, as every feeling comes across through one picture at a time. We have well-proven tricks with which we can take wonderful pictures of even the most reserved relatives. Just say it's delicious! 🙂

  1. Security and commitment

Professional wedding photographers come with contracts, ensuring that you get what is promised in their wedding package. This can be the number of hours, or the number of items included, or even the number of images. In the case of a contract, you can rest easy knowing that your photographer is committed to honoring your agreement.

  1. Premium options

Premium print options such as framed photos, wall art and wedding albums make the most of your wedding photos. These accessories contribute to the fact that you can preserve the memory of your wedding not only in digital form. If you don't want your wedding photos to be forgotten somewhere on a hard drive, a wedding photo album can be a great choice!

  1. Don't let the moments get lost!

We often see, even among our close acquaintances, that the couple regrets not hiring a professional for the Big Day. The wedding day will pass very quickly, and a complete series of wedding photos will help you look back on the unforgettable moments. It is something worth sacrificing for, as it is the only thing that will remain during your wedding.

If you don't hire a professional photographer, you might end up missing a lot of lost details during the photo shoot. Being able to capture the details and fully tell the story of your wedding is something an experienced wedding photographer can do!

We hope that you also managed to collect ideas from our summary! You can get more ideas from our portfolio on our website.

Do you already have an idea for the Big Day? Not sure what kind of photos you want? We help you realize your ideas! Request an offer today and we will contact you soon!