Baptism in Funchal

We meet with Lisa and Ivo at a wedding in Faro. Both of them live on Madeira Island, where we spend the winter months so we have a friendly relationship between us immediately . A few weeks ago, they decided to invite us to the baptism of their first child. According to him, only a temple ceremony will be made, and a little bit of a drink-eat is a light, cheerful day.

When we arrived at the temple we felt that it would not be a domestic baptism. There were a lot of invited guests at the church's huge and very warm. We were feeling like a wedding so we managed to take the ceremony perfectly. The party's venue just confirmed that this is a real wedding atmosphere. It was a wonderful decoration, fantastic food and even an opening dance with the baby. We loved! We have loved Madeira so far, but after that we are sure to spend our retired years here 🙂