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Engagement session with sails

 Eternal romance… what more than that? Summer, sunlight, sails, love. Everything was given to Eszti and Attila’s photo series. Pure emotions, touches telling glances. And humor, because without it, everything is empty. I spent a couple of hours with them on the water, on the boat, and at the end of the day, finishing this lavish sunset on the lakeside with a divine dinner. Thank you so much for this experience 🙂 I’ll show you the wedding series soon!

Wonderful memories

This wedding was a long time ago but we still love it. We love the elegance, simplicity, the dress, the invitation, the cake, the whole perfect day. I hope this magic has inspired you to create a similar miracle.

Luxury Wedding In Tuscany

Christ and Csongi’s wedding was a wonderfully made, stylish, perfect day for every little detail. Despite the large number of wedding guests, it was about them. They managed to get away for a few hours for creative photography, which created us to really capture emotions and love. There was a lot of buzz in preparation, Christ was surrounded by his girlfriends, bridesmaids. Everyone was hurried, helping … flipping, knocking and excitement across the suite. Meanwhile, Csongi survived the same with his friends in a “masculine” style 🙂

The “first look”, that is, the first time the two lovers meet that day … this is my favorite part. There’s no need for anyone here, just for them … I’m lucky to see this moment from week to week, I can’t get tired.

After the ceremonies, a pleasant conversation started, followed by a multi-course gourmet dinner followed by the dancing until dawn.

We are grateful to you for celebrating with you. We wish you a lot of happiness 🙂

What a fun day

Handsome Italian groom, beautiful Hungarian bride, happy, cheerful wedding party and stunning nature-close location in the soft embrace of Guthy Forest.

It was a little cool that day, it was hard to decide for the last moment that Judit and Bruno’s dream could be fulfilled, that they would be put together on the lakeside next to the forest. But they didn’t give up, though the weather was windy and the rain was hanging. They were lucky, after the ceremony the rain began to rush, but then everyone was sitting at the dinner scene with a glass of champagne in his hand.

The rest of the evening was fun, with lots of dancing, laughter, and friends. We are grateful that we could celebrate with you 🙂


It was hot late August. We arrived at the wedding venue, Pap Island. Leányfalu is an important place for my childhood, and I really like to stay there until today. Not an ordinary wedding venue, I was very curious about what Zsófi and Declan had dreamed about. Artistic souls are both sophisticated and unusual yet exciting ideas.

It was early in the morning, but already a lot of people were rushing during the first preparations. Friends, family members who had been together a few days ago were prepared for the big day. With their smiles, cheerleaders and hard-working two hands. Fantastic atmosphere received us 🙂

In the festival style, the hours were relaxed, without stress and hitting. The ceremony was on the Danube, in a cozy, romantic setting, which was also enjoyed by smaller children.

I can safely say that I want this for all future couples. This feeling, when you experience every moment of your wedding, excluding everything else. And we’ll be there with you and we will record that you never forget this feeling.