I have traveled the whole world with my lovely couples

Hi i’m  Esther.I'm a romantic dreamer. I love my job and the freedom it provides.

The most important thing in the world to me is my family.

I've traveled a great deal in my life and ended up settling in a small town in Florida called Tallahassee.

I worked for the US Army as an interpreter, but I realized that office work was not for me and that I would rather pursue my calling of photography, which was until then just a hobby of mine. I was constantly practicing and bettering myself in this, going from workshop to workshop and trying to learn from the best in the trade.

I strive to show emotions and the beauty in people in my work. The most important aspect to my style is naturalness. My pictures are constantly published in international wedding magazines and blogs of which I am very proud.

If I'm not sitting in some airport or don't happen to have a camera in my hand photographing something, then I spend all my time with my children and husband who I adore. We do a lot of traveling, camping, and sports.

My other passion is cooking.... it's a big challenge for me getting to know and cooking the flavors of the world. During my travels I always try taking home some delicious recipe and special spices.