The Person Behind The Lens

Work maniac, idealist and maximalist.

I got my first camera when I was 3. My father was obsessed with photography so I could learn a lot from him. I still remember the smell of the chemicals and the old magnifying machine.

When working with film, I love the feeling of film and its simplicity. That is the reason why I only use film in my work. I love the unexplainable feeling when I open a new roll of film.

I have travelled a lot and experienced all my life’s wishes. I spent 12 years in the United States where I finished my education. I think that I would be living there if I had not met Esther. She is my best friend and my love. We became really successful together. I owe her the best adventures of my life and my son Lele ,my daughter Anna.

I always tend to be myself no matter what the circumstances are: my work or my life, it is all the same to me. My style is simple and elegant; I try to show the feelings and the moments as one.