Engagement session in Orleans

Somehow, in the course of our work, fate always brings us together with special people and situations. We do not have to be afraid of the spirit of monotony, because each “job” is different… getting to know people, their ways of life and capturing their happiest, most exciting moments is a gift to us.

Krisztina and Etienne live in Orleans. First time they visited in my studio with theirs youngest child, Floran. It all started there. Since then I have been able to photograph them twice a year. There was a lot of topic… Krisztina became pregnant, and with the birth of Leila baby, they decided to have get married. The wedding was planned in Krisztina's hometown, but Etienne insisted on getting a wedding photo near Paris, which became Orleans. We would like to share these pictures with you. We spent several days with them and are grateful for their hospitality. Presenting French gastronomy was Etienne's mission. Real champagne, fine wines and fantastic food. Well done, we fell in love with a little slice of France we could get to know. We are looking forward to recording some weddings in France in the future!