Kinga and Jamie’s wedding

Kinga and Jamie's wedding was postponed due to the covid situation, but this year they were finally able to say YES. THEY are a couple who complement each other in every sense of the word. While Kinga is a thoughtful, gentle girl, Jamie immediately reminded me of Iron Man.

Their wedding was full of surprises, starting with Haribo candy on the door of the getting ready room and ending with the reveal of the gender of their unborn child. After the intimate church ceremony, we took their couple portraits under the cooling canopy of the trees of the ELTE Botanical Garden, they flashed their humor and showed how enjoyable such a small photo session can be. After the photo shoot, we headed to the Danube Garden, where romance on the banks of the Danube took center stage. In the evening, under Jamie's guidance - as he also played the role of master of ceremonies at his own wedding - the wedding party threw a wild party, showed British virtuosity - and of course many of them flashed their Hungarian language skills. They threw one of the wildest parties of my career, I will remember the big day of Kinga and Jamine - #jinga - for a long time. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Haribo! Thank you, Dorcy and Gary, for expanding our team and thank you for your work!