It was hot late August. We arrived at the wedding venue, Pap Island. Leányfalu is an important place for my childhood, and I really like to stay there until today. Not an ordinary wedding venue, I was very curious about what Zsófi and Declan had dreamed about. Artistic souls are both sophisticated and unusual yet exciting ideas.

It was early in the morning, but already a lot of people were rushing during the first preparations. Friends, family members who had been together a few days ago were prepared for the big day. With their smiles, cheerleaders and hard-working two hands. Fantastic atmosphere received us 🙂

In the festival style, the hours were relaxed, without stress and hitting. The ceremony was on the Danube, in a cozy, romantic setting, which was also enjoyed by smaller children.

I can safely say that I want this for all future couples. This feeling, when you experience every moment of your wedding, excluding everything else. And we'll be there with you and we will record that you never forget this feeling.