esther&gabe Esther's style is dominated by romantic pictures with a modern view and surrounding. She prefers close-up pictures that show emotions and feelings. She works with strong colors and maximized sharpness.

Gabe’s style is rather journalistic. His pictures show the atmosphere of the moment. He follows the happenings of the day in silence—having no effect on the events. He doesn’t interfere with the occasion. His pictures represent the events of the day often in a black and white, artistic way.

The principal that we both stick to is that we show emotions, feelings in our own way, with our own perspective.

Simple, Fresh, Elegant

We do not use flash or artificial settings. The ceremony is not disturbed by the use of flash. We work with the natural lighting during the dinner and the party as well. Since the dynamics of movement and of the atmosphere are the most important things at an event, some of the pictures can be a little blurred or noisy but they perfectly represent the colors and the movements of the day.

If we wanted to summarize our work in one word it would be spontaneity.