wedding film

Actually, our films are thoroughly modern. 

Super-8 may be a vintage format, but our work is far from the Same Old Thing. Hand-made films are fun, fresh, and sweet... perfect for the creative couple who want to leave the cheese on the plate. 


We want the stories of our weddings to be driven by emotional moments rather than perfect reality of the day. Digital video tends to show exactly what happened, what people said and what everything looked like. With Super 8, the quality of film creates an instant transcendence of time that brings joy every time it is viewed.


We will edit the film into two versions: long and short. The long version (10-15 minutes) is all of the footage from the entire day set to music and, due to its length, is ideal for close friends and family. The short version (3-4 minutes) is the edited film of the day and is perfect to send out to all of the wedding guests, post online or watch over and over again.


Super 8 footage is processed and then digitally scanned and edited, utilizing state of the art post-production tools to add graphic design elements and music. We then edit the film and present it on password protected website

The result is a one-of-a-kind cinematic document.


What You Should Know:

The movies we make don't just look old, they are actually made on old equipment and obsolete film stock. There is no way to truly recreate the feeling of authentic Super-8 filmmaking with digital cameras, no matter how good they are. The world of film is made up of happy accidents and unexpected surprises.

-All shoots are done with single cameraman, 

-Super 8 Film is silent. There is no sound. 

-Daylight/outdoor locations provide best filming condition       

-Something unexpected always happens when working with film. 

Sometimes it’s a light leak or flare that gives away imperfections with your camera, or the film slips out of the gate just a little bit right at the end of a shot. They are reminders that you never have complete control of the results, and those are the moments I really savor.

As our films are truly custom made

Every wedding includes:

One filmmaker

- All day wedding day coverage

- 10 rolls of super 8 film

- Film length aprox 8 to 10 minutes.

- hosted on a password-protected website

- HD digital files ready for uploading on your devices

-100% authentic Super 8 film

Popular configurable options:

- Additional hours of coverage

- Added rolls of super 8 film

- Extra versions of the finished film

Some things you might also want:

- Super-8 engagement films make for a great SAVE THE DATE event. Share with friends and family online for creative and one-of-a-kind way to make your announcement.Many projects are filmed before the wedding day, and are given as mementos to guests.

Super 8 is a great compliment to our Wedding Photography. Without sound, our films are essentially moving pictures driven by emotion which creates a moving story of your day.

Films can be ordered exclusively with Wedding Photography packages!!