Trip to Lanzarote island

Sometimes we also share our personal experiences with you, as it is important for us as a person to get to know us a little, not just about the work behind the camera.

Every year, our "big family getaway" shifts to the winter months. The wedding season, which runs from May to October, does not allow us to break away from the country for several weeks. We are active vacationers and always looking for our next destination. This is changing from year to year, because as children grow, choice becomes easier and wider. Levi 14, Anna 6, moving with us around the world from birth 🙂

This year we chose the Canary Islands.Volcano is Levente's great favourite from a young age. Well, there was plenty of it, 🙂 We spent 4 weeks on the island, traveling through it.

This is a couple of weeks every year. Nothing measurable is what we get, we give each other. No phone, no electric gadgets, just MI, four. Mental rest, paying attention, doing nothing. Things to learn in the beginning, but after 3 days everything is in place 🙂

Without a camera, of course, a trip is unthinkable for us, we love to share the experiences, the beautiful wonders of our land. Fill up on this gloomy winter day with our pictures of sunny Lanzarote.