How to find the best photographer?

The story of Greta and David

Has the long-awaited engagement taken place and are you already thinking about organizing the wedding? It is certain that professional organization depends on many things, and it cannot be said to be a simple task at all when it comes to coordinating service providers. In addition to finding the best catering, the best band, and the best venue, there are other factors such as a professional wedding photographer.

He/ She is the one who helps capture the most beautiful moments even when you are busy cutting the cake or entertaining the wedding party. That is why the quality of wedding photography is very important on the Big Day. We have now collected the points that can help you find the best wedding photographer!

  1. Get to know the plan and time of your big day!

For example, if you know for sure that you want a garden setting with lots of chandeliers and mood lighting, then it might be worth preparing for what kind of atmosphere the wedding photography will have. If, for example, the reception takes place at night, it means that you need a photographer who is a professional in evening photos! It has the right accessories and lighting to make the photos perfect. All in all, choosing a photographer skilled in both natural and artificial light is essential for the Big Day.

Le Til mansion is wonderful at any time of the day. Perfect wedding venue.

  1. Get to know the space and location well, and choose a photographer who can work within these boundaries!

In many cases, there can be challenges with the location. If you choose a location where both outdoor and indoor photography is expected, then it is worth looking for a photographer who can take wonderful photos in small closed spaces and outdoors in the summer sun. When looking for a wedding photographer, look at their portfolio to see what types of venues they've worked at. Are they similar to yours? Or have you already worked directly at that location? Experience can be key here!

We loved the wedding of Greta and David. Le Til Mansion is one of our favorite wedding venues, where we have taken photos countless times, so we knew the most beautiful locations and were aware of the features of the place. If we arrive at a new location, we consider it important to map the location before the wedding in order to achieve the perfect end result.

  1. Pay attention to the photographer's style!

Most photographers have their own style, but are able to compromise and listen to the couple's ideas. Before you choose the real one, it is worth sending the inspiration photos you have chosen to the photographer. This is also important to see how close your ideas are to it. In addition, you should also pay attention to the post-production work of the photographer! Do you process images with a clean approach, or do you prefer a vintage or black and white style? You should clarify all of these during the first meeting so that the wedding photography goes smoothly.

It is important for us to satisfy all needs during wedding photography, which is why we often combine color and black-and-white photos. Different variations of colors give certain images a completely different atmosphere.

  1. How will you use the images?

Do you want something unique and timeless in addition to the pictures? Are you looking for someone who not only takes beautiful pictures, but also designs breathtaking albums? Nowadays, albums are more and more in fashion, and in addition, your photos will be preserved for posterity forever.

While the girls were enthusiastically preparing, the boys had a dip in the pool.

  1. Consider the budget!

Unfortunately, we all have to consider the budget when choosing a photographer. However, remember that when the big party is over, the only things left are your photos and an outfit you'll probably never wear again. Photos help you remember the Big Day as it happened and even the events you didn't even know about. There is no better experience than when you look back at the joint photos after the wedding, which are full of funny and touching moments!

So when you're considering your budget, remember that no matter how expensive the dress or the venue, the only thing that will last are the amazing photos, so you shouldn't take the quality of your wedding photography lightly!

pool party is over, dressing can begin!

  1. Protect yourself and your photographer - write a contract!

If you work with a photographer, make sure there is a contract! Check carefully to see if it includes exactly what you can expect on the big day. How many hours is the duration of the wedding photography? How many photos does the package contain? What did you agree on? By signing the contract, you ensure that your photographer will not be a source of stress on the wedding day.

Discover yourself and only work with a real professional if the photos taken from your wedding are important to you! Don't work with a wedding photographer who has no references and experience, otherwise you may end up regretting your decision!

  1. Avoid accumulating Pinterest inspirations!

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get wedding photography inspiration. But sometimes you have to draw the line! Trust that your photographer has the skills and knowledge to capture the important moments! Don't overwhelm he/she with 200 inspirational photos! Of course, there are some very good ideas that you should show your photographer, but it is better to leave the creative part of the job to him/her.

  1. Work quickly to find the photographer of your dreams!

Is your wedding coming next year? You should prepare well in advance when it comes to searching for a photographer! Unfortunately, most of them are booked 1 year in advance.

Wedding photographers fill up fast, especially the amazingly talented ones. During their busy seasons, they are typically booked a year or more in advance. After booking the location, selecting the photographer and booking it in time is probably the second most important thing if you don't want to miss out on the best!

Of course, these are just a few pointers that we have gathered based on previous wedding experiences. We were in similar shoes, and as photographers, it was even more difficult for us to find the perfect photographer. But believe me, if you start your search in time and prepare, you can still find your favorite photographer even for next year's wedding (we still have a few available dates).

Do you already have a concrete vision for your wedding photos? Are you still looking for the real thing? Request an offer today and we will contact you soon!

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