A dream wedding in Greece

Barbara and Christos's wedding was 4 years ago in Volos-Greece. The ceremony was in a church built in 1200 on top of a mountain where nothing leads. There is no road, no paths. We walked a lot. A good portion of the wedding crowd didn’t even get there on time but this fine, Greek custom didn’t bother anyone. The special ceremony began 2 hours late. It was hot, really hot and ever warmer in the church 🙂 but it was worth it. The ceremony was followed by a small reception and photography session. I’ve taken photos at many weddings before but there was a moment I had never seen or experienced before. I asked the couple to look each others eyes. They looked, looked at each other and then they both started cry. It was so touching that the bridesmaids and parents behind me started to cry too and then everyone burst out laughing 🙂 Thank you for this . Thank you for the hospitality, the kindness , and of the many many delicious dishes. See you soon!

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