Stephanie and Kevin-Wedding in Sintra

Stephanie and Kevin's wedding in Lisbon was a breathtaking celebration of love, combining elegance, luxury and old world charm. The couple from bustling New York City chose picturesque Lisbon as the backdrop for their special day.

The wedding ceremony took place in the stunning location of Sintra, a region known for its historic charm and lush landscapes. The couple exchanged vows in a romantic setting adorned with beautiful flowers and elegant decor, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that left guests in awe.

Stephanie and Kevin chose a classic vintage car to transport them from the ceremony to the reception. The timeless vehicle not only added nostalgia, but also perfectly complemented the overall theme of the wedding.

The reception was held in a luxurious hotel in Sintra, which offers breathtaking views and a sophisticated atmosphere. The venue was adorned with lavish decorations including crystal chandeliers, lush floral arrangements and exquisite table settings. A color palette of ivory, gold and soft pastels enhanced the overall sense of elegance and romance.

Stephanie and Kevin's wedding planning team played a key role in bringing their vision to life. This dedicated team of professionals ensured that every detail was meticulously planned and executed, allowing the couple to relax and enjoy their special day. From coordinating logistics to managing the timeline, the expertise of the wedding planning team was evident, creating a smooth and memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

The joyous occasion was filled with happy people, including friends and family who traveled from New York to share in the couple's happiness. Laughter, tears of joy and heartfelt speeches echoed in the air, creating an atmosphere of love and celebration.